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What’s new on PAN OS 9.0 for Your Network


Pxosys is incredibly proud to share Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS 9.0 with you. Withs more than 60 new features, a brand-new integrated DNS Security service, new high-performance hardware, expanded cloud environment support and scalability enhancements, along with a built-in Policy Optimizer tool to help you adopt the best practices for your network, there’s a lot to be excited about.

If you missed it, or would like to view it again, you can watch a recording here.

What’s New?

The new features and improvements from Pauloalto Networks are across the full platform such (not extensive list):

  • Management
    • Enforcement of Rule Description, Tag, and Audit Comment
    • PAN-OS REST API for a Simplified Integration Experience
  • Networking
    • Security Group Tag (SGT) Ethertype Support
    • GRE Tunneling Support
    • Wildcard Address Support in Security Policy Rules
    • VXLAN Tunnel Content Inspection
  • User-ID
    • Shared User-ID Mappings Across Virtual Systems
  • Wildfire
    • File Forwarding Capacity
    • GlobalProtect
      • Pre-Logon Followed by Two-Factor Authentication
      • Pre-Logon Followed by SAML Authentication
      • HIP Report Redistribution
      • Support for IPv6-Only GlobalProtect Deployments
    • App-ID
      • Policy Optimizer
    • Virtualization
      • Support for HA for VM-Series on Azure
      • Higher Performance for VM-Series on Azure using Azure Accelerated Networking (SR- IOV)
      • VM-Series Plugin
    • Panorama
      • Device Management Capacity Enhancement
      • Granular Configuration Management of Device Groups and Templates
      • Streamlined Device Onboarding
    • Content Inspection
      • DNS Security
      • Multi-Category URL Filtering
      • Cellular IoT Security
      • GTP Event Packet Capture

For a deeper dive into these new technologies from Pauloalto Network, we invite you to join us for our Best Practices webcast series:

How to upgrade to the latest release?

Gives us a call, so we can assess your environment and help you on a smooth transition providing you Zero Downtime.

Palo Alto Networks Demo

Watch how Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) secure your business with a prevention-focused architecture. See how PAN-OS and integrated innovations like Threat Prevention, WildFire Malware Analysis, URL Filtering and DNS Security protect you against modern security threats like credential theft and data exfiltration.

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