Enterprise Mobility

Wireless networks are no longer an “addition” to a wired LAN. Corporations looking to improve communications, expand their reach, and continue on a path to increased productivity, must provide employees access to all applications on any device via a comprehensive wireless solution. A mobile-first strategy is mandatory, with the ability to function just like the wired network.

Maximise Wireless Performance

Free up your mobile traffic with unique Cisco 802.11ac solutions.

Minimise Risk, Boost Productivity with Cisco

See how you can maximise security for your mobile networks and data.

Personalise Customer Mobile Experiences

See how Cisco Mobility Solutions can connect you to your customers in new ways.

Extend Mobility to the Branch

Connect users, devices, and branch offices securely with Cisco Mobility.

What's our Design Process

We combine design thinking with loyalty-earning technologies.
Gathering and evaluating information from a business including the allocation of resources (financial and physical), we are able to develop and implement a network security plan as well as develop a project schedule to match any businesses requirements.
It is important that during the Design phase the information gathered is used to ensure that the design meets all of the business and technical requirements that were previously developed.
We carry out a ‘Proof of Value’ check that will be used to simulate the different parts (or additions) of the network design. Using this method gives us the ability to find any potential problems before full scale implementation continues.
The current business needs and technical requirements will be compared to those which we develop. If any changes are recommended, then we meticulously check from beginning to end that we can ensure quality and a future proof business solution.

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