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Security Assessment

The purpose of the security assessment is to measure, analyze, and document network functionality and performance.

Areas of assessment include:

    • Local Area Network (wired and wireless)
    • Wide Area Network (WAN)
    • TCP/IP, DNS/DHCP, and other network protocols
    • Firewall
    • LoadBalancer
    • Intrusion Prevention System
    • Intrusion Detection System
    • Proxy
    • Authentication


The security assessment team will employ protocol analyzers and performance monitoring tools to gather metrics on Security devices. In addition, configuration and general security health data for all security devices will be collected using the appropriate GUI and/or CLI. The techniques employed include:

    • Physical-layer analysis: Perform an automated network discovery and develop and/or verify network map. Examine data captured by protocol analyzers and identify physical errors related to networking devices.
    • Network design and configuration analysis: Collect device configuration information. Compare design and configuration data against best practices.
    • Network utilization analysis: Examine network utilization for WAN and Internet access connections.
    • Network throughput analysis: Measure actual data transfer rates for WAN and Internet access connections and compare against expected results.
    • End-to-end performance analysis: Measure network latency across the network. Examine data retransmission rates and the route/path of packets through the network.
    • Security vulnerability analysis: High level security assessment to include switch and interface security as well as VLAN security (e.g. guest access versus corp access). Assessment scans and credentialed scans can be included in the assessment pending client approval. Credentialed scans allow access to systems and selected end-user devices to enumerate services, applications, and patch levels.


The information collected during the assessment will be analyzed, compared against best practices, and incorporated into an assessment final report. Approximately 2 to 4 weeks after the on-site visit, the final report will be distributed to the client for review and discussion.

The network assessment will take place over a period of 4-6 weeks, depending of the network size and complexity and will occur in several steps. The steps are defined as follows:

    1. Define the scope of the security assessment
    2. Develop assessment plan
    3. Site Visit (if required)
    4. Retrieve network probes and associated data
    5. Analyze data and develop assessment report
    6. Conduct conference call or on-site meeting to review assessment report


Performance data will be collected by PXOSYS Engineers using network probes installed on the client network. Performance monitoring applications installed on the network probes may include:`

    • Using a SNMP-accessible data for all core network switch and router interfaces including utilization and errors
    • ntop to characterize network traffic
    • Nessus for vulnerability scan
    • Iperf for network throughput/jitter/latency testing


If you are interested contact us, one of our Architects will be able to assist you and go over your requirements.

What's our Design Process

We combine design thinking with loyalty-earning technologies.
Gathering and evaluating information from a business including the allocation of resources (financial and physical), we are able to develop and implement a network security plan as well as develop a project schedule to match any businesses requirements.
It is important that during the Design phase the information gathered is used to ensure that the design meets all of the business and technical requirements that were previously developed.
We carry out a ‘Proof of Value’ check that will be used to simulate the different parts (or additions) of the network design. Using this method gives us the ability to find any potential problems before full scale implementation continues.
The current business needs and technical requirements will be compared to those which we develop. If any changes are recommended, then we meticulously check from beginning to end that we can ensure quality and a future proof business solution.

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