Privacy Policy

This notice sets out how we use (and protect) your personal information for the purposes of marketing – including data which we gather from the use of our website and attendance at events organised by us or on our behalf.

We are the Data Controller for personal information relating to people who have:


  • agreed to receive marketing information from us
  • taken part in marketing events organised by us or on our behalf
  • accessed our website.


We do not trade personal information for commercial purposes. We will only disclose personal information for marketing purposes if:


  • required or authorised by law
  • necessary to arrange attendance at an event or marketing
  • we have your consent, for example if you have agreed to provide us with a reference.


We do not intend to transfer any personal information used or stored for marketing processes outside of the EU, with the exception of a CRM system we use that operates from a US based data centre. This system is called Active Campaign and operates under a Privacy Shield Certification which you can find more details about here.


Read more about the personal information we process


Email subscribers


When you subscribe to emails from us, we will need your:


  • name
  • email address.


We will collect this information when you subscribe to our mailing lists. By subscribing to our mailing lists you will be automatically subscribed to receive email updates. Our use and storage of your personal information for email marketing is however based on your consent. This means that you will only receive emails and information that you have asked to receive. You can withdraw your consent or change your email marketing preferences at any time, by clicking ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘manage preferences’ on any of our emails.

If you unsubscribe from our emails or withdraw your consent for us to contact you we will store your information for a period of two years to ensure that you no longer receive emails from us. More information about how long we store information is available in our retention policy.

We use Active Campaign to manage our email marketing. Active Campaign stores personal information in the US under Privacy Shield Certification. Active Campaign’s privacy policy is here:


Website visitors


Our website places cookies (text files) on your computer. The cookies contain an ID number which is used to uniquely identify your browser and track each site you visit that has Google Analytics enabled.

We use the information provided by cookies to determine the number of people visiting our site. It also helps us to better understand how people find and use our website. With this information we can continually improve our website and service.

Our cookies store the following data:


  • time of visit, pages visited, and time spent on each page of the website
  • interactions with site-specific widgets
  • referring site details (such as the URL a user came through to arrive at the website)
  • type of web browser
  • type of operating system (OS)
  • flash version, JavaScript support, screen resolution, and screen colour processing ability
  • network location and IP address
  • document downloads
  • clicks on links leading to external websites
  • errors when users fill out forms
  • clicks on videos
  • ‘scroll depth’ (how far you scroll up or down on a page).


If you already have Google Analytics cookies, they will be updated with the latest information about your visit to our website. We cannot access these cookies and are not the data controller for information held by Google Analytics.

Your consent is generally required for cookies to be placed on your computer and for the use and storage of personal information relating to you provided by the cookies. You may withdraw your consent at any time by updating your cookie settings. Where consent is not needed for cookies to be placed on your computer (for example, where a cookie is needed for the operation of our website or for the provision of a service to you), the use and storage of any personal information provided by the cookies will be based on legitimate interests. The legitimate interests we are pursuing are the operation of our website and promotion of our business.


Event attendees


When you attend one of our events, we will need your:


  • name
  • email address
  • in some cases, payment information.


We will collect this information when you enrol to attend an event. Our use and storage of personal information is based on consent. We use personal information solely for the purposes of administering the event. We will only share personal information with organisations where it is necessary to administer the event (for example, hotels and transport facilities). We archive event attendance information and other personal information at the end of every business year (please see our retention schedules for more information about how long we store personal information).

If you are a speaker at one of our events we will promote your participation via platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and by marketing emails. External platforms may continue to store and use personal information after the event has ended.


Your Rights


If we process your personal data, you have a number of rights. You may request a copy of the personal data we hold about you (and request that that data be provided in a portable format) and you may object to our processing of it (including by way of direct marketing) or ask us to rectify it, restrict the way in which we process it or erase it from our records.


Where we use or store personal information relating to you, you have the following rights:


  • the right to be informed personal information relating to you is being used or stored (which is what this privacy notice is for)
  • the right to access personal information relating to you which we use or hold
  • the right to object to direct marketing (either by using the unsubscribe button or clicking here)
  • the right to object to processing carried out on the basis of legitimate interests
  • the right to erasure of information relating to you that we use or hold (only in some circumstances)
  • the right of data portability
  • the right to have your data rectified if its inaccurate
  • the right to have your data restricted or blocked from processing.


Please be aware that these rights are not always absolute and there may be some situations in which you cannot exercise them or they are not relevant. To help you understand how they work, we have provided link to the Information Commissioner’s Office’s guidance on each of the rights here.

If you have any cause for concern about our handling of personal information, please contact us using the details below.

If we are unable to resolve your concerns about our handling of personal information, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Contact details


Please read this notice carefully and contact us if you have any queries by emailing us at:  [email protected]

Or by writing to:


The Information Security Manager

Pxosys Ltd
36 Goulden House
SW11 3HG


This privacy notice may change from time to time so we recommend that you review it periodically. This version of the privacy notice was last updated on 14 May 2018


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