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Wireless Assessment

A wireless assessment is a deep and comprehensive analysis of your current wireless installation that looks at specific environmental, architectural and configuration factors that impact the performance and functionality of your system.

We’ll help you to optimize wireless communication potential with a wide range of wireless Site Survey Services. The initial wireless network survey is a critical first step. Incorrectly configuring your wireless network risks a network unable to handle future demands of mobile devices, smart phones, tablets and the ongoing wave of dynamic new products. All wireless devices are not created equal, and it’s vital that a wireless survey addresses your specific coverage today with a vision looking into the future. At Pxosys, we use the latest industry tools and techniques to map RF coverage and capacity and provide you with detailed and comprehensive documentation.

Four Elements of Wireless Site Surveys:

New Network – Wireless Survey

Assessment of received wireless signal strength, location of each wireless access point, RF interference and noise levels are all included. Using this information, we can optimize your wireless deployment and choose appropriate radio channels, antennas, and transmit power levels of each wireless access point to maximize the performance of your wireless network.

Health Check – Wireless Survey

There is no more effective tool for diagnosing troublesome wireless networks. Problems such as network dropouts, hidden nodes, RF interference, Wi-Fi rogue access points and more can be identified. Our Health Check Wireless Survey examines all these issues to determine what improvements can be made to realize the greatest performance gains.

Post-installation – Wireless Survey

Other wireless network suppliers too often fail to provide this essential service. To us, it’s a big part of what sets us apart. We perform a final Post-Installation Wireless Survey that verifies that coverage and capacity requirements have been met, certifies our 100% coverage guarantee and provides clients with assurance they are moving forward with a new wireless network that has been correctly designed for both current and future use.

Outdoor – Wireless Survey

Outdoor wireless networks surveys present unique challenges, but we’re ready for them. With years of experience delivering point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, outdoor wireless mesh networks, and wireless LAN networks of every size, Pxosys Wireless one of a few companies with the specialized knowledge, skillset and experience required for the successful deployment of even the most challenging outdoor wireless network project.

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