Migrating Applications to Cloud

3 Reasons for Migrating Enterprise Applications to the Cloud

Some enterprise applications have sensitive data that requires compliance with security regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley for financial data and HIPAA for healthcare data. This data requires masking when moving the data away from the current infrastructure and into the cloud. In addition, these enterprise applications often run as production copies within a customer environment while the reporting, development, and test applications are hosted and run in the cloud environment, thereby requiring the cloud copies to be refreshed from the current production copy.

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Cisco SD-WAN Viptela

How to Draft a Cisco SD-WAN Path

Getting connected to a Wide Area Network is easy but managing a large network without a single pane of glass get’s difficult and unpredictable. Businesses with vast multiple branch-offices and outlets often face difficulties with WAN configurations and optimisation. Packet loss, higher latency,  and network congestion are commonly known issues in a typical Wide Area Network setup. However, the Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) intends to eliminate all these existing issues and help enhance the business network connectivity.

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Cisco Firepower is fully integraated with the Cisco Security Portfolio

Cisco Firepower: Edge Security for Every Business

Every workplace handles important information, including critical customers’ data and trade secrets. It is a must to avoid bad actors who try to access these confidential files. Indeed, network security is one of the biggest concerns of every company. Organizations seek for a platform that will provide threat protection to help them protect their business from the latest threats. Cisco Firepower is the answer to your threats.

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