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Cisco Firepower: Edge Security for Every Business

Cisco Firepower is fully integraated with the Cisco Security Portfolio

Every workplace handles important information, including critical customers’ data and trade secrets. It is a must to avoid bad actors who try to access these confidential files. Indeed, network security is one of the biggest concerns of every company. Organizations seek for a platform that will provide threat protection to help them protect their business from the latest threats. Cisco Firepower is the answer to your threats.

This year, the General Data Protection Regulation takes effect to extend the European Union Law to companies that handle data of European residents. With this, data protection regulations are unified, which makes it easier for non-European corporations to comply.

Even Small Organizations are at risk. Every organization faces security challenges, regardless of the size. In 2014, the United States Cybersecurity Alliance stated that 41% of cyberattacks were directed at new organizations. Most of these organizations have less than 500 workers. More small businesses are being advised by their partners to adopt better security programs because of these threats.

NGFWs are made to be your best defense system. As time passed, the need for threat-focused next-generation firewalls, or NGFWs increased. Next-generation firewalls are a part of the firewall technology. It combines the regular firewall with other functions that filter the network, especially if it is dependent on packet contents.

Small to medium businesses tend to compromise quality because of the cost. NGFWs were commonly used by large scale companies. The small and medium companies had to adopt sub-optimal, risk-mitigating systems that require less resources. This is most likely caused by having to cut down costs. Thus, small and medium businesses tend to accept less effective threat defense.

A firewall helps secure your edge. People are now becoming more aware that they are at risk of being intercepted. A firewall is a network security system that focuses on monitoring network traffic and controlling them through a set of security rules. Essentially, the firewall segregates and controls connectivity between different zones on your Enterprise Network.

SMBs have now discovered the need for NGFWs. NGFWs can decrease risks of having others accessing networks undetected. In small businesses, the NGFW should be able to provide a manageable system for threat protection. It is cost effective to choose a reputable brand that can provide security for small to medium businesses.

Firepower: The Power to Protect

Cisco is still one of the most popular brands in the IT department, especially in terms of quality and high-end security. The company deals with telecommunications equipment, networking hardware and other services. One of the products they are proud of is the Cisco ASA with Firepower services.

Integrated Threat Defense with Before During and After Attacks



Firepower can be the solution to your security issues. It offers a higher level of security for its users, protecting them from cyber-attacks and malware. Firepower threat protection is fully integrated and has unified management. Cisco Firepower includes Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), URL filtering, Application Visibility Control (AVC) and Firepower next generation IPS. This capability enables discovery, understanding, blocking, and remediation of malware and emerging threats missed by other security layers. The proposed ASA with FirePOWER Services includes optional subscriptions for the integrated Cisco Firepower NGIPS and Cisco AMP for Networks.

Cisco Firepower is fully integraated with the Cisco Security Portfolio


Top Security Concern:

If your security concerns are any of the following, Firepower Threat Protection is the ideal solution for your business:

  • Securing Today’s Data Center
  • Simplify, Automate and Innovate
  • Mobility and Secure Access
  • New and Emerging Threats
  • Cloud Security
  • Eliminate Your Blind Spots
  • Remote Workforce
  • Ransomware

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