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Cisco Umbrella

The First Line of Defence With Cisco Umbrella

Digitization, the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society, is based on innovations such as cloud and software as a service, mobility, guest Wi-Fi, and IOT. These innovations are happening at the point of employee customer interaction. Cisco Umbrella DNS security helps to protect your network no...

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Cisco AMP

Advanced Malware Protection with Cisco AMP Everywhere

Network Security is an increasing concern for any Business and is the reason why major Vendors like Cisco are upping their game with technologies like Advanced Malware Protection (AMP). AMP technology now comes with a new tool called Cisco AMP Unity, a cloud service for enterprise network management for inbound...

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Cisco Premier

Cisco Express Security Specialization

PXOSYS Ltd, an IT Systems Integrator and Value Added Reseller, announced today they have achieved the Express Security Specialization from Cisco. The Cisco Express Security Specialization recognizes each resale channel partner focused on meeting the security needs of their customers....

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stop think connect

The Top Cybersecurity Trends of 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Cybersecurity has been a hot topic in the last couple of years, with the high-profile WannaCry attacks taking the field of cybersecurity from niche discussion to mainstream news. All of a sudden, the failure of the UK’s National Health Service and other high profile targets to secure their machines meant...

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How to Draft a Cisco SD-WAN Path

Getting connected to a Wide Area Network is easy but managing a large network without a single pane of glass get's difficult and unpredictable. Businesses with vast multiple branch-offices and outlets often face difficulties with WAN configurations and optimisation. Packet loss, higher latency,  and network congestion are commonly known issues...

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Cisco Firepower

Cisco Firepower: Edge Security for Every Business

Every workplace handles important information, including critical customers’ data and trade secrets. It is a must to avoid bad actors who try to access these confidential files. Indeed, network security is one of the biggest concerns of every company. Organizations seek for a platform that will provide threat protection...

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