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Meraki Licensing

What’s on Meraki Per-Device Licensing

Meraki is introducing per-device licensing: an opt-in licensing model with exclusive, new features and enhanced flexibilityEvery customer.The mission of simplicity is real at Meraki – from our hardware, to our cloud-hosted dashboard, to even our licensing programs. This was the intent behind our cotermination licensing model (co-term): to create one...

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Cisco Live EMEA

Cisco Live EMEA Barcelona 2020

Cisco Live is Cisco’s annual customer conference where you will build the foundation for your digital future in the cloud. Transform your outlook as well as your career and your potential through learning direct from Cisco’s best and brightest and cloud collaboration. From technical education to future-focused thought leadership, 1:1...

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Can Blockchain be used as Cyber Shield?

Blockchain makes it possible to imagine a world in which all kinds of transactions will be created and stored transparently in public and shared databases. It is a promise that has attracted the attention of many industrial and economic sectors, including that of computer security and federal offices....

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Artificial Intelligence

Is Artificial Intelligence the Key for All Network Operations?

Making sure that you have the capacity required in the network at all times is an art. But with new artificial intelligence (AI) tools, that art can be easier to master. For the network to meet the goals set for the delay, damage, and availability in the network, capacity planning...

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cisco nso

Automate and Simplify With Cisco Network Services Orchestrator

Cisco Network Services Orchestrator or NSO is an industry leading software for automating services between local and virtual networks. You can utilise NSO to change add and delete services without causing disruption to others. This also ensures that services are delivered in real time....

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Manufacturer Usage Description: Get to Know MUD

Manufacturer Usage Descriptions otherwise known as "MUD" facilitate's device visibility and segmentation by allowing your network administrators to effortlessly identify a specific type of IoT device and then define the appropriate behaviors for that device. IoT manufacturers are able to disclose to us what devices are on the network, and...

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