Introducing Cortex XDR 2.0

Cortex XDR 2.0 includes groundbreaking enhancements that further fulfill the promise of XDR to increase visibility and simplify security operations, including a unified management UI, powerful new endpoint features and ingestion of third-party data and alerts. The debut of Cortex XDR earlier this year continue...

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Is CASB Alone Enough? Long Live SASE

Applications moving to the cloud and increased user mobility are changing the way networking and network security services must be delivered. Palo Alto Networks founder and CTO Nir Zuk believes that the future of network security is in the cloud, and has been driving this change for the past few years, with the P...

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What is Ransomware

New Ransomware Egregor

A new ransomware strain burst onto the scene in September of this year (2020). Dubbed 'Egregor' by the research team at Digital Shadows who discovered it, it has already claimed more than seventy victims in nineteen countries around the world. Worse, the hackers controlling it appear to just be getting started. The ...

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