What’s new on PAN OS 9.0 release

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PXOSYS is incredibly proud to share PAN-OS 9.0 with you. Withs more than 60 new features, a brand-new integrated DNS Security service, new high-performance hardware, expanded cloud environment support and scalability enhancements, along with a built-in Policy Optimizer tool to help you adopt best practices, there’s a lot to be excited about.


What’s New?


The new features and improvements are across the full platform such (not extensive list):


    • App-ID
      • Policy Optimizer


    • Virtualization
      • Support for HA for VM-Series on Azure
      • Higher Performance for VM-Series on Azure using Azure Accelerated Networking (SR- IOV)
      • VM-Series Plugin


    • Panorama
      • Device Management Capacity Enhancement
      • Granular Configuration Management of Device Groups and Templates
      • Streamlined Device Onboarding


    • Content Inspection
      • DNS Security
      • Multi-Category URL Filtering
      • Cellular IoT Security
      • GTP Event Packet Capture


    • GlobalProtect
      • Pre-Logon Followed by Two-Factor Authentication
      • Pre-Logon Followed by SAML Authentication
      • HIP Report Redistribution
      • Support for IPv6-Only GlobalProtect Deployments


  • Management
    • Enforcement of Rule Description, Tag, and Audit Comment
    • PAN-OS REST API for a Simplified Integration Experience

  • Networking
    • Security Group Tag (SGT) Ethertype Support
    • GRE Tunneling Support
    • Wildcard Address Support in Security Policy Rules
    • VXLAN Tunnel Content Inspection

    • User-ID
      • Shared User-ID Mappings Across Virtual Systems


    • Wildfire
      • File Forwarding Capacity

    For a deeper dive into these new technologies, we invite you to join us for our Best Practices webcast series:



    How to upgrade to the latest release?

    Gives us a call, so we can assess your environment and help you on a smooth transition providing you Zero Downtime.

    If you are interested in PaloAlto Networks contact us, one of our Security Architects will be able to assist you and go over your requirements.

    Ruben Cocheno
    Ruben Cocheno

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