Intelligent protection for the new world of work

Digital security matters have never been more critical as organisations explore new ways of working, and data remains at the very core of a future-fit organisation. To protect your data at a time when attackers are anywhere and everywhere, and your IT team is more stretched than ever before, trust Pxosys to provide the best solution.

The smart protection solution

To confidently embrace long-term strategies for working remotely, Pxosys can assist business and government to engage The Fortinet Security Fabric – a broad, integrated, and automated solution designed to intelligently protect your data in the complex new world of work.

Fortinet Security Fabric

Take a minute to find out what you need to know about securing your data in this simple explainer video.


    Once you combine traditionally isolated security solutions into a unified Security Fabric framework, your organisation can see deep into the distributed network to detect advanced threats. You can also dynamically adapt to the evolving network architecture and threat landscape and leverage the continuous trust assessment that today’s digital enterprises require, from core to cloud.

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    Power Digital Transformation, Securely

    As economic forces rapidly drive the evolution of the network, IT security teams struggle to keep up with securing data in the cloud and on-premises. A significant part of this problem is that transformation isn’t a single activity, but rather an organic, evolving cloud-like experience.

    Pxosys and the Fortinet Security Fabric can deliver an intelligent, secure solution that offers your IT team visibility across the entire digital attack surface. Our expertise and capabilities will integrate AI-driven breach prevention and automating operations, orchestration, and responses across your entire network.

    By partnering with Fortinet, Pxosys brings a family of protection to secure your most valuable assets – your data. And to ensure continuity when you need it most.

    FortiGate, The Next-Generation Firewall Fortinet Secure SD-WAN Solutions Cloud Access Security Broker Web Application Firewall and API Protection
    A Leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls The world’s only ASIC-Accelerated Secure SD-WAN Full Visibility and Control for SaaS Applications Protect your business-critical web applications from attack
    • Full integration with The Fortinet Security Fabric
    • Best-of-breed security with automated threat protection
    • Single console management
    • Independently certified
    • Continuous threat intelligence updates
    • 5,000+ application identification and steering
    • Best User-Experience based on WAN remediation
    • Advance routing capabilities and WAN optimisation
    • Best Security Posture with built-in NGFW
    • A cloud-native Cloud Access Security Broker subscription service
    • Better operational efficiency through improved automation and centralised management
    • Flexible and scalable
    • Quicker ROI
    • Protects against the OWASP Top 10 and more
    • Customises the protection of each application
    • Provides robust protection without time-consuming manual tuning
    • Distinguishes between malicious and benign anomalies

    A complicated new world of work

    Most organisations tend to secure each new network segment as it they develop it. This method eventually results in an accidental security infrastructure built around siloed solutions from separate vendors. Unfortunately, complexity is usually the enemy of security. Discover how Pxosys implements Fortinet to enable both businesses and government to achieve a security-driven network, and protection from sophisticated threats.

    To integrate the total security that the Fortinet Security Fabric provides, please connect with Pxosys. Our experts are waiting to help you with any cybersecurity concern you may have, including:

    • Policy and access solutions to keep unauthenticated users off your network
    • Content security tools to protect against phishing and malware threats
    • Next-gen firewall offerings that guard every endpoint
    • Comprehensive security assessments, from white-hat hacking to social engineering.

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