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Cisco Express Security Specialization

PXOSYS Ltd, an IT Systems Integrator and Value Added Reseller, announced today they have achieved the Express Security Specialization from Cisco. The Cisco Express Security Specialization recognizes each resale channel partner focused on meeting the security needs of their customers.


“It was important to pursue this specialization as a natural progression in the ongoing development of Pxosys‘s capabilities to support current and future customers’ security needs,” said Ruben Cocheno, Director and Consultant at Pxosys. “There has been an alarming number of data breaches in the news recently, and it shows how important data security is to a companies’ reputation. With the achievement of this specialization, Pxosys shows that we are at the forefront of market needs, and reinforces our commitment to our partnership with Cisco.”


To earn the Express Security Specialization, Pxosys fulfilled the Cisco training and exam requirements. Pxosys also met the personnel, training, and post sales support requirements set forth by Cisco.


The Cisco Resale Channel Program provides a framework for channel partners to build the sales, technical and Cisco Lifecycle Services skills required to deliver Cisco solutions to their customers. Through the program’s specializations and certifications, Cisco recognizes a channel partner’s expertise in deploying solutions based on Cisco advanced technologies and services. Using a third-party audit process, the program validates channel partner qualifications such as technology skills, business best practices, customer satisfaction, and presales and postsales support capabilities—critical factors for customers choosing a trusted channel partner.


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Ruben Cocheno

Ruben Cocheno is the Founder of Pxosys who has been working in the Networking & Security Industry since 2004. Having a CCIE amongst other top certifications in the industry, he had the privilege to work with World-class clients. His vast experience across different Large Organizations gave him a set of tools that allows him to design, implement and support solutions within many diverse network technologies becoming more agnostic driven. When he is not working you can find him Blogging (, mentoring young pupils on networking/security subjects, practicing outdoor sports, or reading.