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Cisco Capital helps organizations finantialy

Cisco Capital is ready to help you acquire the solutions you need while managing short-term cash flow and liquidity concerns stemming from the pandemic crisis. We can help you ensure productivity and maintain business continuity as your business adapts in the current environment by addressing new technology financing needs.

Flexible payment solutions

  • Cash flow optimization
  • Enhanced credit capacity & profitability
  • Lifecycle management
  • Total solution financing

Benefits of Multi-Year Financing

  • Immediate cost savings:void average annual cost increases by as much as 6%
  • Lock-in cost for upcoming years
  • Avoid large upfront capital investment
  • Predictable budget costs/expenditures
  • Pay as Services are rendered
  • Less administration
  • Reduced risk
  • Competitive rates


We use the leasing model as it removes upfront capital investment and turning it into a recurring cost makes our accounting people happier.

Public sector organization
(source: IDC)

Cut time to innovation

You need state-of-the-art technology to compete in today’s digital world. But it’s hard to innovate fast enough if cash flow is tight and capital budgets are unavailable. With the Flexible Finance portfolio* you get instant access to Cisco technology, including third-party solutions, without upfront expense or high interest. So your business keeps growing.

Combine hardware, software, services, and third-party equipment on one easy-to-manage contract—with options to add more solutions to the agreement as your business grows.

0% financing

Spread costs over three years, interest-free, on projects from £1,000 with easylease 0% financing, releasing funds to reinvest in other business priorities.

Full financial flexibility

With Commercial Payment Options, you can finance all Cisco projects from £200,000 and benefit from deferring your technology refresh decisions with certainty of future costs. You benefit from highly competitive interest rates, plus greater financial flexibility. At the end of the financing term, you decide whether to keep, return, or refresh your technology.

*Financing products provided by independent third-party financiers. Terms and conditions might apply.

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